The Less Obvious Baby Essentials

The Less Obvious Baby Essentials

The Less Obvious Baby Essentials

You can find what you need to get on any baby registry checklist. Expecting Parents spend hours researching what is the best product to buy in each category, and even then not everything is in that list. There are things that come up after your little one comes into this world and reality kicks in. We have all been there and has learned as we went. Bringing into light what are some of the less obvious things you need that seem so small and insignificant that you need until you are up at 3 a.m. with a screaming child. We are going to tell you based on our own experiences what products have worked for us and our little ones.

  • Burp Clothes! Yes we know this is on the baby registry and every mother has them, but did you know that not all burp clothes are made equal. Most mothers when creating there registry they go for the cute, pretty and matching burp clothes without ever looking to see if they are absorbent.  Enough to handle the spit up that is not just a little dribble, but is more resembling of spitting up an entire bottle. Be practical because when you have changed your shirt for the 5th time you start looking for something that can stand up to the bottle spit up.

You still want to think of your baby’s comfort and the softness of where they are going to lay there faces. So here are some choices.

Muslin Burp Cloths – They are 100% cotton and has 6 layers making them extra absorbent.

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers – We know what you are thinking “Cloth Diapers are not Burp Cloths”. Yes they are and they work. Think about it if they were made to hold pee and poop they can definitely handle spit up.

  • Baby Pillow Bed – This is something that was a miracle for some parents. A baby goes from a mothers cushy womb to its parents loving arms. So putting them down can be quite the challenge when they realized they are no longer being snuggled as they have grown so used to. If you are a first time parent especially mothers you swear you never want to put the baby down, but eventually you will need to eat, sleep, shower and go to the bathroom. Also it is really not the best idea to get them into the habit of always being held otherwise how are they going to discover this world. Knowing first hand that can be difficult especially after a week of little to no sleep because your baby just wants to be held and snuggled in order to sleep. What gave we discovered helped with you being able to put your baby down and them not realizing they are not in there parents arms is a baby pillow beds. It gives them the security they are looking for and your arms a much needed rest.

Snuggle Me Organic – Its a baby lounger that is designed to hug your baby. It is multi functional and portable. The best part it comes in is the cover is removable making it easy to wash. The snuggle me is the perfect gift for any parent with a newborn.

  • Little bodies at work! When your little one comes into this there bodies have some adjusting to do. First things first their digestive system is developing while they are drinking milk for the first time whether it be breast milk or formula is doesn’t really matter. Babies have hard time passing gas hence the reason why we burp them. There are so many ways to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The type of bottle you use is one of the biggest. Dr. Brown’s bottles in our opinion does everything it says, but sometimes that is not enough. If you find your little one having issues digesting there are products that are safe but get the job done. (Always Consult Your Pediatrician Before Use of any product).

Products that help with gas and colic giving your baby relief they need.

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops – This seriously was a product that we wish someone told us about before hand. It works gently and fast to relieve pain from excess gas. What we love is there is no artificial flavors or dyes, No Parebens, No Saccharin , and No Alcohol. It is also safe to use at every feeding, but we recommend only use it when they need it. (Always Consult Your Pediatrician Before Use).

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water – An herbal remedy for relieving stomach discomfort for your little ones. Relieving gas, hiccups or colic symptoms giving you and them comfort. (Always Consult Your Pediatrician Before Use).

Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Drops – This product is non-GMO drops that is effective in reducing crying time and spit-ups. Is is made to help ease colic, fussiness and excessive crying. It also contain Vitamin D that helps promote health bone development. (Always Consult Your Pediatrician Before Use).

  • Fashion vs Reality –  Every mom does it. They and buy all these cute dressy outfits that they plan to dress their little ones in “everyday”. Then reality kicks when they have to delayer your baby just to change there diaper. Then if there tummy is upset well that is just a whole other situation of strategically delayering them. Every experienced mother knows that the cute little suites or fluffy dresses last all of about 20 minutes for a special occasion or holiday before they are quickly changing there baby into something more practical. You should also know that practical does not mean it can’t be cute.

Cute Outfit ideas without the fuss.

Sleep and Play – They are perfect. Giving your baby the freedom and comfort to move around and you the easy convenience for changing them. You are going to be a doing a ton of laundry no matter what, but washing one sleep and play compared to washing pants, onesies, and sock. Save time with just having to fold one sleep & play. They make them in cotton and fleece for the colder months. Its about your preference, they are a simple zip up or buttons.

Sets – Getting the most for your money and the cute fashion you want. They really have come a long way. When you are shopping for sets there are a lot of options and different styles that will make any mother happy while still giving the comfort to your baby.

Mix & Match – Onesies and Pants. Get packs of onesies and packs of pants and you can mix & match there outfits.

Rompers – For those hot days.


  • Toys – When looking for toys to entertain your baby. You should be looking for toys that are not only fun, but stimulate their little minds. You will be amazed at how fast they learn from just playing. We suggest bright colorful toys, Toys that light up and make sounds. Your baby is curious and it is never to young for them to learn.


iPlay, iLearn 10pc Set – Grab and Spin Rattle, Musical Toy set, Baby Rattle Teether. Great play set to stimulate your babies mind. With different textures for them to touch and sounds that will get them excited. Lets not forget the different shape rattles for them to grip to help develop there motor skills.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball – With it brightly colored bumps encouraging baby to grasp the different materials and develop there sensory and motoskills.

Soft Books – It is never to early to give your child a book. Encouraging your little one to read from an early age will not only get them to love to read, but we found that babies that are exposed to books at a young age learn faster. Making it more likely to make learning fun when they finally go off to school.

Light Up Toys – Babies love toys that light up and make noises. It helps them focus there eyes in this new world. The sounds gives them the knowledge that when they press a button the toy will make a sound. Yes we know this, but remember they are new to all of this so for them its the greatest thing ever.



Best Clean Cleaning Products

Best Clean Cleaning Products

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

There are many cleaning products out there finding the right ones that suite your families needs. Using clean, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products can take the fuss out of roaming reading the labels to check if it is safe for children and pets. The trick to clean cleaning products is finding the ones that are truly “Green” and actually get the job done. The best clean cleaning products are actually not as hard to find or as expensive as they used to be. Now you are able to clean your house and not worry about dangerous chemicals. Here are the best clean cleaning products that you can use for keeping you house clean.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi Surface Cleaner

This multi-surface cleaner has a concentrated formula, made with plant derived ingredients and essential oils. It works on everyday messes and is biodegradable.

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser

Non-Toxic kitchen cleaner that works on stainless steel, appliances, grills and so much more. Make cleaning your kitchen easy and safe with JAWS. Its streak-free formula make cleaning up messes quick.

Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes

Biodegradable cleaning wipes that you can use to wipe down any surface in your home without the harsh chemicals.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap

Dish soap that is easy on the environment and tough on grease. There plant-derived ingredients can clean that greasy pan with no problem. As always what I love about Mrs. Meyer’s products it that the are bio-degradable and never tested on animals.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

Around since 1886 this product is one of the best eco-friendly products out there. It is gently but effective cleans with out scratching. Use it in kitchen, bath or even cookware.

Green Works Toilet Gel Cleaner

A toilet bowl cleaner that is bleach free. The angled nozzle help get into those hard to reach area. Leaving your toilet bowl clean and smelling fresh.

Jaws Glass Cleaner

You can get streak-free windows and Eco-friendly product with Jaws glass cleaner.

Recommended Products:

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